On Composition:

Julian is a supremely talented composer. His music is intelligent & thoughtful, he is capable of great things through his drive and determination to excel.

(Dr Stephen Montague – Composer)

On Production:

As the producer of the Velocity Trio album ‘The 11th Gate’ Julian showed his quality, always making the right choices for the right moment. Having that special insight, being able to put himself in the listeners’ and musicians’ shoes, it’s always a pleasure to work with him.

(Dennis Rollins – International Touring artiste – www.dennisrollins.com)

On Engineering:

Julian Hepple is unequivocally the best live engineer I’ve ever worked with. He cares for the overall quality of the show to an enormous degree and that shows in his commitment to his work and attention to detail. Being a wonderful musician himself, this translates into sensitive and beautiful sound design. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a lovely guy and therefore fun to be around on extended tours!

(Anoushka Shankar – Grammy nominated artiste – www.anoushkashankar.com)